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with Kate

Barre is based on both ballet and pilates principles, using isometric movements to isolate certain muscles and work them to fatigue. Barre classes involve the use of equipment including, light hand weights, pilates balls and resistance bands. The props are used to add resistance to exhaust the muscle to feel the barre burn! 

Barre has many benefits, including better posture and toned muscles, but most importantly it is fun and it will make you feel good!

Kate teaches our barre classes. Kate has a wealth of experience which has lead her to be an incredible instructor. She provides clear instructions with a focus on alignment and technique to ensure you are safe and performing the exercise correctly in order to reap the benefits. However, this does not mean that Kate's classes aren't really fun! Expect to laugh, dance and enjoy your workout!

Kate is a trained yoga teacher, a barre instructor and she also teaches aerobics. She has a background in circus performance and she is currently studying to become a personal trainer as well! Kate loves to teach because she enjoys watching the effect that regular exercise has on people.

Barre is suitable for all levels. We welcome complete beginners, and those who are pre-natal and post-natal. Barre is low impact and the exercises are adaptable for injuries so it is all inclusive but you do need to make sure Kate is aware of any concerns you have so she can provide assistance.

You can join Kate in the studio in Clifton, Bristol. All you need to bring is a yoga mat as all other equipment is provided. Alternatively you can join Kate from home by tuning in on zoom! If joining from home it would be useful but not essential for you to have the following props: a yoga mat, a chair, a pilates ball (or a cushion), some small hand weights (or tins!) and a resistance band.

60 minutes

£12 in studio or £5 online

Saturdays at 9.30am


3 Richmond Terrace, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1AB

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