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with Briony

This is an active flowing yoga class.. Beginning with some slow stretches to release tension, and then moving on to flow through some dynamic vinyasa sequences,,  building both strength and flexibility. You will also challenge both the body and mind by attempting some balances, before settling down for a calming (and well-deserved!) relaxation.

60 minutes - £5

Tuesdays at 7.30pm 

Online Vinyasa Yoga

with Briony

This class is great for runners, cyclists and those who weight train. You do not need to be an athlete for this class, and in fact if you spend any time sat at a desk or driving then you are likely to benefit from this class. We will be working on hamstring flexibility, releasing those tight quads and glutes, and opening up the hips. You will receive some great ideas for post-workout stretching and with this increased flexibility, your sports performance will improve. Beginners are welcome to this slow paced class. 

60 minutes - £5 

Mondays at 7.20pm

Online Slow Flow Yoga
Yoga at Clifton Suspension Bridge

with Briony

Join Briony for a shorter flow class working on both strength and flexibility. A flow class means that the poses will include transitions from one pose to the next. We will begin with a focus on the breath and becoming present on the mat before moving the body through some simple postures with the options to advance if wanted.

45 minutes - £5 online

Tuesdays at 1.30pm

Online Yin Yang Yoga

with Briony

This class will start by warming up the body through some dynamic flowing sequences. You will work on both strength and flexibility while enjoying Briony's creative flows. You will then settle into some deep yet comfortable supported stretches to allow the body and the mind to relax. Finishing with a guided relaxation.

60 minutes - £5 

Thursdays at 7.30pm


with Briony

Join Briony for this strong flow class which increases flexibility while building strength in the core, arms/shoulders and lower body. A flow class means that the poses will include transitions from one pose to the next. Prepare for some fiery sequences to get your blood flowing, finishing with a well deserved relaxation. Previous yoga experience is recommended but not entirely essential if you already consider yourself to be strong and mobile. 

60 minutes - £5 online

Sundays at 10am

Online Sunday Morning Yoga Flow
Restorative Yoga Sunday Evening

with Briony

Allow Briony to guide you through a deep moving relaxation. Transitioning gently between comfortable postures supported by pillows and blankets, you can use this time to really let go of tension held in your body and your mind. Finishing with a yoga nidra relaxation. This class is suitable for all levels.

60 minutes - £5 online

Sundays at 8pm 

3 Richmond Terrace, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1AB

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