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Pilates was designed to improve posture, breathing, core strength and body awareness. In Frankie's classes you will work with repetitions on most of the exercises which will help you to strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and build body awareness head to toe.

Frankie will offer levels in the class, so for each exercise you will choose the level which is right for your body. Frankie will offer guidance on how to choose the correct level for you. Pilates classes have no impact so your joints are taken care of and you will not feel sweaty at the end of class. This means that pilates is suitable for most people, including beginners and those with injuries, although you do need to make sure Frankie is aware of any concerns you have so she can provide assistance during the class. 

You are in safe hands with Frankie. She has worked in fitness for the past 14 years. She began by teaching aerobics which is where she developed a deep passion for movement and music. Frankie then expanded her knowledge and began teaching circuits, indoor cycling, and three of the Les Mills programs. Soon after this Frankie trained as a pilates teacher. 

Pilates is what Frankie is most passionate about. This is because pilates combines both strength and mobility work which underpins all of our movements. Improving in this area has the potential to revolutionise life and assist with reaching  your fitness goals.

Frankie has a wealth of knowledge which she brings to her classes. She is driven by helping people develop both physically and emotionally. She has a strong attention to detail to ensure that you are performing movements safely, and to assist you with choosing the right level for you.

You can join Frankie online through zoom! To book, contact Frankie directly by sending her an email. Frankie will provide details on payment, timings and the zoom code.

Online Pilates Classes

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