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Floating Sound Baths

We have been incredibly lucky to have found Laura and her sound baths. In a magical collaboration, we are offering floating sound baths in the hammocks at the studio.

You will feel completely supported by the cocoon of the hammock, floating in the air, while Laura creates utterly beautiful sounds with her instruments.

Laura has had extensive training in many different instruments, our favourites being her Tibetan bowls and her gong. Laura creates an amazing symphony of sounds which will find their way to you while you float in your hammock.

The sounds create vibrations in the air which both your body and your mind will respond to. This is a truly calming experience and a treat for someone who really needs an hour to reset and relax.

You can join her at the studio on 4th September at 5pm or 7pm.

You can book in here.

See you in the hammock x

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