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New Holistic Therapists in Clifton!

We have 4 new holistic therapists joining the team and Clifton Sky Yoga!

We are so excited to welcome these souls to the studios. For more information head to the treatments page on our website to get booked in!

🌿 Gemma - Ayurvedic Practitioner on Mondays

Gemma is a passionate Ayurvedic Practitioner with great enthusiasm. Over the last 4 years she has had the opportunity to work with 5 different Ayurvedic doctors across India, Sri Lanka and UK.

She has had some incredible results with women’s fertility issues, skin disorders and everything in between. Her main aim is to preserve the authenticity of Ayurveda whilst at the same time making it accessible for all. Gemma’s medical background began in the western system 11 years ago attaining a BSc in Radiography. She holds respect and recognition for the importance of western medicine, however, recognises the necessity for alternative practices such as Ayurveda. You can book with Gemma on Mondays.

🌿 Ciara - Reflexologist on Wednesdays

Ciara is a qualified reflexologist with a passion for holistic healing through relaxation. Reflexology is a non-invasive and deeply relaxing holistic therapy that combines elements of acupressure and massage. During treatment, massage and pressure techniques are applied to the feet and lower legs to stimulate the flow of energy to the corresponding body part. This sends a calming message through the central nervous system, helping to release any blockages or tension, and encouraging the body to restore to its natural balance. Ciara is particularly enthused about the beneficial relationship between yoga and reflexology and the links of grounding, stability, and soothing of the nervous system which are fundamental in both practices. You can book with Ciara on Wednesdays.

🌿 Iona - Massage Therapist on Thursdays

Iona works holistically through intuitive touch tailored to each individual's needs. Iona aims to create an environment where the mind, body and spirit feel safe to reconnect, providing an open, inclusive space to show up just as you are. The benefits of massaging in this way are infinite, from enabling the body to heal naturally, to helping muscles release that may have been chronically holding tension overtime, whilst also enabling emotions that have become stuck to gently shift. Iona’s background in nursing and knowledge of psychology is incorporated to deepen her practice, ensuring no one’s needs are left unmet. You can book in with Iona on Thursdays.

🌿 Christina - Massage Therapy on Sundays

Christina has a deep rooted interest in health and wellbeing, her treatments focus on you as a whole, your mental, emotional and physical being, and tailoring the treatment to exactly what you need on the day.

Christina is passionate about using massage to enhance your overall wellbeing, and encourages her clients to prioritise self care for both themselves and the world around them. You can book in with Christina for a holistic massage or a hot stone massage at CSY on Sundays.

New Holistic Therapists at Clifton Sky Yoga

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