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Sound Baths at the Studio

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Some of you may have already met the wonderful Laura Taylor who has been providing virtual sound baths for our online membership.

Whilst we love online sound baths, nothing can compare to the real life experience of the sound vibrations in your body.

Laura will be at the studio on 8th May offering private sound baths and she has a few slots left! You can book in here.

Group sessions will be permitted soon! We have already organised a floating sound bath which will take place on 17th July at 5pm. You will climb into your hammock cocoon and set yourself up in a comfortable position, ready to receive the beautiful sounds from Laura's bowls.

This is the perfect reset, a nourishing and relaxing experience, designed to rebalance your energy.

You can book in for that session here.

Stay tuned for more sound healing sessions at the studio!!

sound healing sound bath in Clifton Bristol

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