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Studio Logistics

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

It has taken some time to consider all of the advice and precautions that must be taken in order to re-open the studio. A full risk assessment has been undertaken with the Covid-19 recommendations and regulations.

If you book onto a class you will receive a copy of this information and it is hoped that as time goes on, these measures will be relaxed and altered, once it is safe to do so.

Procedure for classes:

· All bookings must be made online to ensure records are held and payments are not taken in person. You must ensure you provide the correct email address when booking so that you can be contacted if necessary.

· You are asked to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class (preferably 5 minutes), and you are asked to leave as soon as possible after class.

· The door will be open until the start of class to ensure air flow and to avoid the shared touching of the handle. It will be closed and locked at the start of class for safety of customers and belongings.

· There will be no changing facilities at the studio. You are asked to only bring into class what you need for practice.

· The toilet facilities will not be available at this time. It is hoped that this is a temporary measure.

· You must bring your own yoga mat for any classes. For aerial yoga you will place your mat over the crash mat.

· You are welcome to bring your own aerial hammock however you are asked to arrive early enough to rig it and to confirm in advance to allow time to remove the unnecessary hammock.

· When you arrive for a class, you will arrive through an open door, proceed through the entranceway to the shoe and bag storage area. You will leave your shoes and bags and then use the hand sanitiser. You will then choose a station and you will not switch. Once everyone has arrived the door shall be locked for safety and the class will begin. At the end of class the door will be reopened while you are putting your shoes on and you can leave when you are ready.

· For non aerial classes you will need to choose a station which will be marked with tape. The stations will be at least 1 metre away from the person next to you. You will lay your mat where marked. You are asked to remain within your station until class has finished.

· There will be no shared objects during classes. For aerial yoga you will have a crash mat which you will need to cover with your own yoga mat, and you will have an aerial hammock. For other classes with props you will be asked to place your props into a box once at the end of class so that they can be cleaned.

· If the height of your aerial hammock needs adjusting you are asked to step away from the hammock so that your instructor can step in to adjust it.

· If you feel unwell you must not attend class. You will be able to reschedule your class at no extra cost if you are unwell. You will not be able to do this if you show up with symptoms and are turned away, or if you do not show up without contacting the studio.

· If you develop symptoms after attending the studio, you must notify the studio as soon as it is practicable.

Further notes:

· Music will be soft to avoid the need for raised voices.

· There will be more than one meter between each aerial hammock and you will be side to side.

· There will be a minimum of 30 minutes between classes (usually 45-60 minutes). During this time the door will remain open for ventilation.

· There are two ventilation fans which circulate outside air. They are in use constantly. There are several other vents.

· The studio is 600sqft which means the maximum number of people inside the building can be 6. For aerial yoga the maximum class size will be 4 including the instructor due to the layout of the hammocks.

· The hammocks will not be used by more than one person in any 48 hour period. They will be washed regularly.

· Classes will be no longer than one hour in accordance with guidance.

Of course if you have any questions or comments then please do get in touch. In order to book into a class then head over to the bookings page.

Aerial Yoga hammocks in the yoga studio in Clifton

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