Discover our studio

The studio is set in the heart of Clifton, on Richmond Terrace which is part of Queens Road. It is tucked away in the arches underneath the classic Georgian houses and looks out onto the eye-catching Buckingham Chapel. Inside the doors you will find a warm community ready to welcome you in. 

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Meet our founder

Briony has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and has been sharing her love for yoga by teaching for the past few years. She especially enjoys teaching a sweat inducing power yoga class, but she also has a soft spot for a calming slow stretch class.


However, aerial yoga is her passion. Briony discovered aerial yoga when she was living in Wokingham, Berkshire and soon became an aerial addict. Upon moving to Bristol in 2019, Briony realised that there were not many aerial yoga classes in the city and she began dreaming about opening her own aerial yoga studio. 

Briony has completed over 400 hours of yoga alliance approved teacher training courses. She completed her initial 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Cirencester and she has since undertaken further yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Briony has also undertaken 100 hours of aerial teacher training.


Try something new

Aerial yoga is relatively new in the Western world, but the roots date back to BKS Iyengar who used a rope within his yoga teachings in the mid 1900's in India. 

The hammock is a lot softer on the body than Iyengar's rope but we still use the same principles, using the hammock to assist with alignment while developing both strength and mobility. In our more playful classes we will use the hammock as support for inversions as well (turning upside down!)


We also use the hammock as a cocoon to support relaxation at the end of class. 

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Yoga Teacher in Bristol, Clifton

Our take on yoga

Yoga has an endless list of benefits, these vary from physical, to mental, to spiritual. Each person will have a different reason for why they choose yoga. Here at Clifton Sky Yoga we try and cater to those reasons. Do you find a stretchy practice helps you release tension or improves your sports performance? Or perhaps a powerful flow helps clear your mind and leads to better sleep? Or maybe you enjoy the satisfaction from a strong inversion practice? Whatever draws you to yoga, you'll find a variety of classes here.