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Plan to join our community regularly? We have a variety of options available for you to choose from!

We run a credits system so you can mix and match what you use your membership for:

  • one credit: yoga or pilates

  • two credits: aerial yoga or events (eg. sound baths)

  • four credits: 45 min massage

If you're new then start with one of our trial options, but if you already know you love us then head straight for the memberships section.

If you're planning to attend our lunchtime classes then we have some off-peak options available here.


We have two packages for you to choose from when you're getting started with us. The perfect way to trial our studio before signing up for a membership - just pick which one you'd prefer!


3 Credits 


To be used within 28 days



8 Credits

To be used within 28 days



16 Credits + 1 Private (or massage!)

Special Offer for Spring!


To be used within 56 days


Prefer to meet us first? We’d love that! 


Already know you love us? Let's get you straight into a membership! Our memberships recur monthly so you can visit your favourite studio every week...



12 month minimum




3 month minimum





12 month minimum




3 month minimum





12 month minimum




3 month minimum



  • Are there any membership benefits I should know about?
    Yes! Our members get discounts on upcoming events and on treatments with our resident holistic therapists. All new members receive a goody bag upon signing up with treats and discounts within. You’ll also receive priority support from our dedicated member support team, who will also check in with you regularly and reach out if we havent seen you for a while. All members are welcome to join our members facebook group where you will be the first to know about new events being launched and you’ll also find some free online classes too. We also regularly run offers and competitions for members only - and special free members events!
  • How does the credit system work?
    You can book a yoga or pilates class for 1 credit, and an aerial class for 2 credits. You can also book into some of our events using your credits - usually 2 credits.
  • When will my membership renew?
    Your membership will renew on the anniversary of you signing up - if you sign up on 15th Sept, your membership will renew on 15th Oct. That will be the date that you are charged again, and your credits will refresh on that date. This date will change if you freeze your membership at any point.
  • When do my credits need to be used by?
    We recommend that you use your credits within the month that you've paid for them - but if you need to, they will automatically roll over for one month. If you don't use the rolled over credit in the following month, it will be lost upon renewal of the membership.
  • Can I pause / freeze my membership?
    Yes! you can pause / freeze your membership by letting our team know. If you are on holiday, or unwell, or otherwise unable to attend, just email our membership support team and they will help you freeze your membership. You’d need to give them a few days notice to ensure they can freeze it by the date that you want. You’ll also need to give them a date for when they need to unfreeze the membership. For example, if your normal membership renewal date is 10th of the month, and you were away for 10 days, your membership would be frozen while you are away, which means you couldn’t use any of your credits during those 10 days, and that would push your next renewal back by 10 days, so in this case to the 20th of the month, giving you an extra 10 days to use your credits.
  • What is your cancellation policy for classes?
    Classes cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will be recredited to your account. Classes cancelled less than 24 hours before the start time will not be recredited. We lock the door at the start of class, so if you are late you won’t be able to join, and this will be treated as a late cancel.
  • What happens if I join the waitlist for a class?
    If you need to join a waitlist for a class, you will be automatically added to the class if a space comes up until one hour before the class starts. If you can no longer attend the class, you’ll need to remove yourself from the waitlist. If you are still keen to come, it’s always worth having a look less than an hour before class to see if a spot has come up since the cut off.
  • How do I manage my bookings?
    We use a booking provider called “Momence”. You can either manage your bookings through the momence web page or through the momence app. From there you’ll be able to make bookings, cancel bookings, view your position in the waitlist, check how many credits you have left and view your renewal date.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Once you are out of your minimum term, you can email us to cancel your membership, we’ll need 7 days notice to stop your next payment coming out.


Unable to commit? We get it!

We offer credit packs with a fixed expiry date of 8 weeks from the date of purchase. These won't renew automatically so you'll need to revisit this page when you run out of credits. If you'd prefer something with less admin then our memberships renew automatically.


Simply choose how many credits you think you'll need to get you through the next 8 weeks, remember a yoga or pilates class is 1 credit, while an aerial yoga class or select events are 2 credits.

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