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If you are looking for a friendly studio, a studio where everyone knows your name, where the teachers don't just lead from the front of the class, but instead are right there by your side, then you are in the right place

We do things a little bit differently at CSY

Beginning with how we welcome and support every single member of our community. When you join us, that starts with a dedicated time to speak with a member of our team about you.

We want to know why you're here, what your goals are, what your struggles have been, and where you are really looking to grow.

This isn't a one-time conversation. It's one that continues throughout your journey here at CSY. 


With weekly offerings including aerial yoga, yoga, pilates, breathwork, and sound baths, you will find something for you. 

Our inclusive, welcoming community is waiting for you, want to be a part of it?

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Our welcome packages are the perfect way to get to know our studio, our community, and your body. 

Each of our welcome packages begin with a private session to talk about your needs, your goals, your body and how it moves. 


To get started, or to learn more, just book in an initial consultation at the studio by clicking the button below.


Don't see a time slot that works for you? Get in touch, and we''ll find something that works for you. 

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