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Black Friday at Clifton Sky Yoga



As an ethical business, we do not run a black friday sale. Instead we will continue to charge our lovely customers a fair price for what we offer so that we can continue to pay our team a fair wage and support them with trainings and team building days.

Each time you spend money, you cast a vote on the kind of world you want to live in, and we do not want to live in a world where workers are not paid fairly or treated well in order for heavily discounted goods to be offered in a Black Friday sale.

Black Friday promotes waste. It pressures those with little to spare to spend what they don't have on things they don't need. It encourages people to spend their money with big corporations (who frankly don't need it) rather than with small businesses (who absolutely do).

Every penny you spend with us today, and every other day of the year, will go towards maintaining our necessary outgoings and paying our staff fairly.

Remember to shop small. To support the businesses who really need you. To cast your vote on the sort of world you'd like to live in.

With love and gratitude always.

Briony xx

Black Friday at Clifton Sky Yoga

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