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We like to make sure everyone is included at CSY, that's why we invite those expecting into our regular classes - although we do prefer that you attend classes with the teachers who are pre-natal qualified.

Lynne, Laura, Clara and Kate all welcome pre and post natal yogis into their classes.

To help you out, we've listed the times below.

Monday 1pm - Vinyasa with Laura Tuesday 7.30am - Barre with Kate Wednesday 6pm - Vinyasa with Laura Thursday 9.30am - Vinyasa with Lynne Thursday 1.30pm - Barre with Kate Friday 8am - Vinyasa with Laura Friday 1.30pm - Yin with Lynne Saturday 11.30am - Pilates with Clara

We also have a resident holistic therapist who offers treatments during pregnancy. Emily offers TTC, pre & post natal reflexology at CSY on Thursdays.

Taking care of your health and wellbeing during this journey is deeply important. Reflexology is a safe and gentle treatment that can help with the many symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as; back pain, mood swings, lack of sleep, sickness, and fluid retention, and it's deeply relaxing!

pregnancy yoga classes in Bristol

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