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New Yoga Resolution...

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

How many times have you set a resolution in January but not quite made it past February?

That's completely normal! Changing your habits can be really difficult, there has been so much research into the best way to create lasting habits. Starting a new habit with others, and with accountability really helps, along with setting out some clear goals and a path to get there.

We think that one of the best habits to form is a yoga and meditation practice. Yoga provides you with a toolkit of tricks that you can do to:

Gain strength in your body

Relieve pain in your body

Release tension in your body

Find clarity in your mind

Access relaxation when you need it

Reduce blood pressure and heart rate

Handle stress and anxiety

Get better sleep

Promote healthy relationships with those around you

Provide clearer focus

This list is not exhaustive and we're always really keen to hear about the benefits you experience after making your yoga practice a habit.

With all of that in mind, we have created our New Yoga Resolution membership.

What you'll get:

An initial chat with one of our teachers to talk about your goals, what you are looking to gain from your yoga practice, and what you have struggled with when trying to reach those goals in the past.

Access to a Facebook group with the other members and some of your teachers to help support you on any hurdles you might face during the membership and beyond.

21 days of unlimited studio yoga classes, online yoga and meditation classes.

A halfway check in chat with one of our teachers to ensure you are on track to creating your new habit.

A welcome goodie bag with gifts and discounts.

A completion chat with one of our teachers to help you continue with your practice following the end of the membership.

We want you to succeed with making yoga a habit in your life, we've seen how beneficial the practice can be and we want to share that with you!

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