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Restrictions Update

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We are sure you're already aware that the government decided to lift all restrictions on 19th July.

As a studio, we have decided not to lift any restrictions.

We have vulnerable teachers and students who currently feel safe at the studio and we do not feel that now is the right time to change anything.

Whilst the media have named 19th July "Freedom Day", we do not feel that it means freedom for all. It means freedom for those who are not vulnerable, and fear for those who are.

The CSY community is open to all. We do not seek to exclude anyone. By removing all restrictions at this stage, we would be excluding those who are more vulnerable.

Our students deserve a safe environment to practice in, and our teachers deserve a safe environment to work in.

What does this mean for you as students? Not that much really, you'll need to continue to bring your yoga mat to every class at the studio, and to keep your distance from others. You will of course not be able to attend class if you have any symptoms of coronavirus.

The rest, is on us. We'll keep numbers low, regular cleaning will continue, and you will be able to rebook free of charge if you've had to cancel due to having coronavirus.

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