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The CSY Community

We wanted to share a little bit about the CSY Community for those who have not yet had the pleasure of becoming a part of it!

Briony's vision when opening CSY was for it to be an inclusive and friendly community. For classes to have a social aspect and for friendships to be made. She wanted to ensure that everyone feels welcome at the studio and in the community, and that they have fun too!

Our classes are inclusive, and our teachers are friendly and warm. Our students are keen to make friends and socialise with their fellow yogis.

We put on plenty of social events, crafty workshops, and you will never feel rushed to leave the studio immediately after class. We encourage loitering!! Take a seat on our sofas and maybe even help yourself to a cup of tea. You are welcome here.

With that in mind, we have started offering studio memberships so that our yogis can spend more time at the studio, having fun, in a more cost effective way! You can sign up for memberships on our bookings page, or to have a chat about what we offer, then get in touch by email or through social media!

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