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Pregnancy Yoga!

Pregnancy yoga is back at CSY!

We strongly believe in the importance of offering yoga to all and that's why we've re-introduced pregnancy yoga to the studio.

We often talk about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, which of course are relevant, but in these isolating times we have also found that the social element of our yoga classes is invaluable. If you are expecting then you are bound to make some friends in a similar position by coming along to one of our pregnancy classes.

Our warm and welcoming teacher, Charlotte, has been teaching pregnancy yoga for a number of years now. She firmly believes that yoga can help with pregnancy, birth, and parent-hood.

Charlotte’s classes offer movement to ease the body, breath awareness to calm the mind, breathing practices for birth and the opportunity to relax and restore. Charlotte believes it is important connect with your own body during pregnancy, as well as connecting with your developing baby in preparation for birth.

You can join Charlotte every Friday at 6pm for Pregnancy Yoga at CSY.

pregnancy yoga in Clifton Bristol

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