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What does success look like to you?

Hello friends

As you may know, we invite all of our new members in for an induction before they sign up. We use this time to chat about your needs and goals, anything that’s going on with you physically & mentally, and what success looks like for you.

This aspect of the way we run our studios is so important to me. I get to know all of our new members, find out what’s drawing them to yoga, guide them to find the right package for them, and make sure our team are aware of anything they need to be aware of in order to best serve you and our community.

One of the most important questions I ask is “what does success look like to you?” While this might sound like a corporate question, it is one of the ways that we can help you change your life.

The question is about more than you initially think when you read it. It’s about how your life will look if you start a regular yoga practice. It’s about how you will feel.

It’s about creating motivation to start and continue a yoga practice.

It’s about creating a moment of reflection, so that when you look back you can see that you are where you wanted to be when you started.

It’s about our team helping you to achieve that.

The answer to this question does evolve over time. Of course it does. Life wouldn’t be what it is if we set a goal and once we reached it, we didn’t set any further goals. But the important thing is that we start to reflect on how our life looks, and how we want it to look. We start to think about what we can do to change it.

One of the principles of creating change is that it has to come from a deeper level than willpower and motivation. You have to want the change on a soul level. How do we create that? We identify what it is we want for our lives, and think about how we’re going to create it, that makes it so much easier for us to make a change.

People are often unsure of exactly what success looks like to them. And that’s ok, we can either help you to figure that out, or we can leave it as something for you to contemplate in your own time. There is no rush to know what it is you are trying to create, and in any event that will change and evolve as you change and evolve. This is just the starting point.

It doesn’t have to look like a life changing decision. Often the answer is along the lines of feeling calmer, or to sleep better, or to have less physical pain. But you will find that once you are feeling calmer, once you are sleeping better, once you are in less pain, you will have changed your life. Yoga is life changing, and all we are doing is providing a period of reflection so that you can really see that yoga changed your life.

So, are you ready to change your life? If you’ve read this far, it is likely that you are.

The first step is just booking an initial chat with me. Either click the button below or email us at to arrange a time to chat.

See you soon.

Briony x

What's does success mean to you? Clifton Sky Yoga Bristol yoga studio

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