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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The past few months have been eye opening in many ways.

Coronavirus has lead many of us to feel isolated and it has highlighted the importance of community.

When opening CSY my dream was to build a community. A community to support and empower it's members. That dream has been placed on hold for a little while but during this time a small online community has been created which is incredible.

I am excited to build the CSY real life community while continuing the online community as well, but I am thinking of ways to ensure that community is completely inclusive. You will be welcomed into the community regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, religion, age or disability.

There will be zero tolerance for anyone who does not support this. If a member of the community engages in discriminatory behaviour then they will no longer be welcome at CSY. I am hopeful that this will not be necessary in our community however I am not going to allow that hope to enable me to turn a blind eye. Please do come to me at any time if you feel that the community is not inclusive. I will listen and I will take action.

When the studio is able to open, it is likely that I will be teaching most of the classes for a little while. This will be dependent on the restrictions that may need to be in place as this is likely to limit numbers and I do not want this to mean that prices increase dramatically. However, as soon as it is possible, I am keen to bring other teachers on board. When it gets to that stage, I will be inclusive in my hiring. I will also have a zero tolerance policy for discriminatory behaviour from teachers.

I am aware that this is not just a fleeting topic. It is an issue that I need to give consideration to continually. I need to have it in mind when making every single business decision and I need to re-assess regularly to ensure I am doing everything that I can to be anti-racist and inclusive.

I will always be open to feedback on this so if you ever want to have a chat then do get in touch.

Black Lives Matter.

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