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The benefits of aerial yoga

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Aerial yoga is an untraditional yoga practice. You will explore many of the usual yoga poses but with an original twist.

The hammock is there to assist you. To offer you balance, to support you in harder poses, to help you achieve poses that are not available to you otherwise.

The hammock can also make some poses harder. To challenge you, to help you progress, to enable you to gain more strength and flexibility, while having the support of the hammock holding you.

The hammock will help you progress your practice and build strength to advance your poses.

This applies to many of the "standard" yoga poses you would come across in a regular yoga class, but is also applies to more advanced postures, such as inversions.

Advanced inversions, such as headstands and handstands, are not available to everyone. That doesn't mean that we should not benefit from these poses. The hammock helps us access these poses and therefore enjoy the benefits of an inversion.

The hammock also provides an incredible cocoon for relaxation. Enjoy being weightless while you relax at the end of your practice. You won't want to get out!

Aerial yoga will help you gain strength and confidence. It will help you build balance. It will enable you to get deeper into poses and even become more flexible. It enables you to spend time upside down if you want to, and it will provide a deep and calming relaxation.

And finally, aerial yoga is fun! Get creative with your practice, laugh with your friends, unleash your playful side.

You can try out aerial yoga in a private session or in a group class. Just head to our bookings page to reserve your spot.

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